Birth Trauma Training for Birth Workers Lesson 1

This is the first lesson from my course, exactly as it appears in the paid content. No icky sales webinar, just 40 minutes of quality, informative content. You can have it for free simply because I'm commited to changing birth outcomes. I want to provide knowledge and tools to action change so that birth workers feel more confident and less overwhelmed. 

1 in 3 people experiencing a traumatic birth is WAY too high.

The statistics showing upwards of 15% of midwives and obstetricians developing PTSD from vicarious trauma is WAY too high. 

My name is Dr Erin Bowe. This trauma course is like no other. I have the professional background as a clinical psychologist of 10+ years AND the lived experience of two traumatic births. I am the bridge between the research about birth trauma, and the lived experience.

I’ve used these experiences as a conduit for personal growth and strength. I believe that trauma can actually be your biggest teacher.  I’m here to teach you how to navigate birth trauma, so that you can have a sustainable career as a birth worker.

This work isn't all darkness and shadow! I teach you to find lightness in without making light of trauma.

You can make phenomenal change. You just have to decide. I can teach you to align your thoughts, words and behaviours to create the strength and resilience you want. To feel confident, calm and like you're actually making a difference to birthing outcomes. 

Closed captions is available.

Australian College of Midwives CPD Recognised Activity (16 CPD hours upon completion of the full course)

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Feel Confident

Feel confident that you know what to say & how to help birthing people with trauma. 

Lifelong Coping

Your training never taught you this, right? Coping is a learned skill. Let me teach you some amazing tools. 

Growth & Resilience

This is the personal AND professional development you need to have a long term, sustainable career.

About the Lesson

In this first lesson we cover the topics of: what is birth trauma? Who is at risk, and how are birth workers perfectly positioned as emotional first responders.

If you look at the research, upwards of 15% of obstetricians and midwives have PTSD symptoms from vicarious trauma. The stats for doulas, photographers and other birth workers is still non-existent. Yet, we know that it's an issue.  And that is why we need to do more to support birth workers.

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This course is specifically designed for you to feel a massive shift in how you think about trauma, and how you are showing up in the world to be with other people in theirs. Make the first step towards changing birth outcomes. For birthing people, for the babies, and for yourself.

"I would recommend birth trauma training for anyone who works with women and their families. The content provided in the training has proved to be valuable for my clients and their families. The training helped me to feel more confident working with my post-partum clients and also to assist them to recognise their experience as a trauma when they were unsure why they weren’t full of joy as they found depicted in the glossy parenting books they had read. Birth trauma training is an invaluable and comprehensive expose that supplements practitioner’s toolbox of skills, particularly those that are necessary for working in the field of maternal health and birthing. Also, as a busy practitioner the training being delivered online was wonderful and allowed me to complete it at my own pace in my own time- highly recommend"

Joanne Thorburn
Clinical Psychologist & Australian Mother of Year (2007)

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